You can get Visa

  • Study on a 6-month or 1-year “S” student visa.
  • If you already live in Mongolia and want to study part-time, you can choose your own length, frequency, and location of study (at home, work, or our school).
  • Study the topics you’re most interested in with whichever textbook you prefer – our school offers a range of textbooks geared to university students of Mongolian.
  • Take exciting group field trips to different sights and events around Ulaanbaatar.
  • Travel with your friends to some of Mongolia’s most beautiful natural locations.
  • Stay at our school’s “Khot Ail” ger camp, where you can practice Mongolian, learn about Mongolian customs, cook traditional food, make dairy products the Mongolian way, and ride horses for single- or multi-day trips.
  • Celebrate birthdays and other holidays together with your community of classmates and teachers.
  • Get a certificate upon completing your studies.
  • Study other cultural subjects with professionally qualified teachers, including calligraphy, traditional Mongolian script,” horse head” fiddle and other traditional instruments, and traditional dances.

What opportunities does Sodon Chimee School offer?

  • Students may study one-on-one or in groups of 2 to 4. For part-time students and those from organizations we contract with, we can schedule the dates and times in question in advance of the class.
  • Every Friday, we hold a conversation class for all interested students, regardless of level. Anyone is welcome to come.
  • We offer monthly field trips around Ulaanbaatar to explore cultural, historical, and artistic sites, as well as countryside trips to experience Mongolian rural life and practice speaking.
  • Each summer, we offer extracurricular trips to see some of Mongolia’s natural wonders and practice speaking at the same time. As well as our students, their friends and family (as well as anyone else!) are welcome to come. We can also organize trips to Lake Baikal in Siberia and to Beijing.
  • Finally, students can visit our ger camp and learn more about nomadic customs, make traditional dairy products and other foods, and play traditional games. Students can vacation to our ger camp year-round to ride horses and do other trips.

When can new students begin classes?

  • We meet with prospective students and make a schedule to begin classes within a week. New classes begin each month. In some cases, if our teachers are available, lessons may begin at other times.

How does Sodon Chimee School register students?

  • Those interested in studying can come to our school in person or send an e-mail to


What documents are required in order to study at Sodon Chimee School on an “S” visa?

  • Our school can get an “S” visa for you with the necessary documents as required by Mongolian law. (Check our website at [page] for a list of the necessary documents.) You can fax or e-mail us copies of the documents.

How can I enroll at Sodon Chimee School if I am not in Mongolia?

  • Please get in touch with us by email and we’ll send you a detailed reply.

What textbooks does your school use?

  • We use our own published textbook, as well as textbooks designed for foreign university students of Mongolian. If students desire, we can also create plans to study from additional books and topics. We are continually expanding our library, which offers many textbooks for Mongolian as a second language, dictionaries, and other books.