Language is an essential part of human’s life. I am proud to be a Mongolian language teacher and have a chance to increase the knowledge of my country in its own words. It is our privilege and joy not only to teach our language but also to help people living and working in this wide and peaceful country  while introducing them to its laid-back population, nature, history, culture and traditions.
Although there are only a few people in the world who speak and write the Mongolian language yet it is still advisable for foreigners who live and work in Mongolia to be introduced to the basics.
It is our aim, as well as a national responsibility,  to help the children of Mongolians who have lived and worked abroad. Many youngsters had little or no chance to speak and write their native language and are out of practice.

We begin our program with a basic introduction to the Mongolian language and then move into a program that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any student.
We believe that our focus in speaking and varied methods of instruction will provide you with tools you need to effectively communicate with Mongolian people.

Thank you for considdering our Sodon Chimee Language House.